RootBone Bio Summary

Hamilton-based RootBone is lead by Juno Award winning guitarist Darran Poole, formerly part of the acclaimed Canadian blues band Fathead, and percussionist Bobbi Richards.

The band’s rhythm section is powered by veteran musicians from both Fathead and the Downchild Blues Band.

Our debut album “The Long Road Home” charted at #35 on the Roots Music Report’s ‘Best Blues Rock Albums of 2016’.

Additionally, our release remained in the Roots Music Report Top 10 Canadian Albums for over 3 consecutive months, reaching the #2 position in October of 2016.

Yep… we are cool with that accomplishment!

Live, the band tackles originals as well as covers that span classic rock, blues, funk and soul.  We typically perform as five piece band that includes a Sax player to make things even more interesting.  On the flip side, we sometime work as a power trio with guitar, bass and drums!  The trio works under the name Darran & The Poole Boys so if you see us listed under that name, you know what your’re getting.

Quick Quotes

  • “Poole’s double chorus guitar solo screamed, “sit up dude, you’re in for a listen! . . . original songs that tout the full range of roots blues textures and grooves. Nothing ever gets boring. . . Kudos to the production team and arrangers [Darran Poole] for creating interest and variety all throughout the album.”  ( Glen Brown – Greater Hamilton Musician)
  • “The Long Road Home has character before you even press play . .you can feel the influence of many different genres bleeding into each chord, each song. You have rock, with some obvious blues done with perfection.  RootBone has definitely made their mark on the music scene with their first album release The Long Road Home. “ (Heather Young – Canadian Beats )
  • “Poole’s decision to step up front is a welcome one indeed, he has a warm, expressive voice and he has some very good songs to work with that he & Richards wrote.” (John Valenteyn – Toronto Blues Society)
  • “Guitarist Darran Poole is a marvel of craft and taste, every note razor-sharp and delivered with carefully considered precision.”  (John Taylor – Canadian Blues)









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